365 for 2012

12/26/11, a photo by Errant Ventures on Flickr. As a fun side project I’ve decided to pick up my camera again and try to take a picture a day for the next year. I’ve tried this sort of thing once before (in 2010) and…well…I failed. In my defense, things were a bit busy that year. […]

Reading Cultures With Silent Workers

I thought I’d pass along a brief juxtaposition of articles today. First is Farhad Manjoo’s critique of your local book stores vs. the power and convenience of Amazon over at Slate. Manjoo apparently isn’t taking into account the used book market or local book shops of that variety. Having lived in college towns as an […]

Rigging a Match

I happened across this article at Slate regarding how soccer matches get rigged the other day. I thought it was a fascinating read on a subject I knew was out there, but haven’t given much thought. While it made me slightly depressed for the sport, it also made me desperately want to watch a match. […]

I get it, I get it…

Chris Moody has an article up at Yahoo News that represents one of my favorite sorts of articles to bring up in composition classes. Moody provides an overview of the strategies Republican thinkers have come up with to counter the rhetoric of Occupy Wall Street. I highly recommend a full read of them based on […]