Rigging a Match

I happened across this article at Slate regarding how soccer matches get rigged the other day. I thought it was a fascinating read on a subject I knew was out there, but haven’t given much thought. While it made me slightly depressed for the sport, it also made me desperately want to watch a match. I decided at the start of the term that I didn’t get to watch any soccer until the dissertation is done. There’s a carrot at the finish line though since the Euro 2012 will happen the month after I defend. This will likely turn into a soccer blog for the duration. Fair warning.

2 thoughts on “Rigging a Match

  1. Yeah, this and the doping issue are two things that soccer officials are conveniently burying their heads in the sand about. Although I’m not sure what they could do about the match fixing–the techniques seem pretty sophisticated. As far as doping, watching sponsors leave cycling because of all its doping scandals probably gave sports everywhere pause in deciding to pursue dopers too vigorously. I imagine it’s rampant.

    How awesome is it that they’re called beards because they used to actually wear beards as disguises to make bets? That’s a physical comedy kind of chicanery I can get behind . . .

  2. Agreed on all points. Particularly the beard thing. I read that and got the image of these guys with ZZ Top fake beards on trying to look nonchalant. It strikes me as the premise for an amazing Monty Python skit.

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