Restart – 2019 Reading List

I’ve kept this space on the back burner for the better part of the last decade. Given that we’re on the cusp of a new one, it seems like a fitting time for me to start using it for something. So, thanks to the inspiration of Sarah at Dogs, Coffee, & Books, here’s a look back at my reading for 2019 to kickstart me into a new decade that’ll hopefully be filled with more words – both those I write and read.

The year was above average in terms of the number of books I made it through – but perhaps not pages. I didn’t have many of the massive tomes that I tend to be drawn to this year. Still, the total is still below what I set out to read 365 days ago. The list is incomplete due to the fact that I don’t feel like typing up a list of the 69 some odd graphic novels I worked through over the course of the year. It felt like there was a lot of…meh this year. I feel good for reading a number of books, but I didn’t spend much of my time enthralled either (looking at you Dostoyevsky).

Highlights of the year are noted by a * below. Rereads with a (R).

2019 – Reading

  1. Urrea – House of Broken Angels*
  2. Wilson – Fences
  3. Loomis – History of America in 10 Strikes
  4. Ondaatje – Warlight
  5. Gaiman – Coraline (R)
  6. Obren – Six Days of War*
  7. Adams – The Viking Wars
  8. Christie – ABC Murders
  9. Tucker – City of Light, City of Poison
  10. Savage – Every Tool is a Hammer
  11. Gleick – The Information*
  12. Payne – The Broken Ladder
  13. Murakami – Wind up Bird Chronicle*
  14. Sobel – Longitude
  15. Ghosh – The Great Derangement*
  16. Odell – How to do Nothing
  17. Higginbotham – Midnight in Chernobyl*
  18. Sebald – Rings of Saturn* (R)
  19. Caro – Working
  20. Humes – Garbology
  21. Epic of Gilgamesh (R)
  22. Okorafor – Binti Trilogy*
  23. Pynchon – Against the Day* (R)
  24. Homer – The Odyssey (R)
  25. Euripedes – Medea (R)
  26. Sophocles – Oedipus Rex (R)
  27. Wu – The Curse of Bigness
  28. Dante – The Inferno (R)
  29. Dostoyevsky – The Brothers Karamazov
  30. Yamashita – Tropic of Orange (R)
  31. Orange – There There*
  32. Wedgewood – The Thirty Years War*
  33. Oliver – New and Selected Poems vol. 1
  34. Norris – Clybourne Park
  35. Joyce – Dubliners
  36. Vuong – On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous*

Onward to 2020!

Kill My Vacation Blues


Just a note to say that the posting will be light to nonexistent for the next two weeks. I’ve decided to take a proper vacation. I originally thought that I’d keep up with posting while traveling, but I haven’t been satisfied with the quality of my work and instead of relaxing I was spending a bunch of time wondering why my writing was even more rubbish than usual. So it has dawned on me that I  need to either drop the blogging for the duration or drop the vacation. I’d say it was a hard decision, but that’d be a particularly egregious lie.

I wanted to post a picture of the best surprise I’ve received in a long time before I sign off. A certain friend (Mike) picked this up for me last year at a concert in San Francisco where he spent the opening act standing next to Corin Tucker without realizing it. I’m not sure if it was friendship that motivated him to get the cd signed for me or if he wanted to throw me off my vow to berate him about his obliviousness for the rest of time. (If the latter, he was obviously only partially successful.) Given that we weren’t going to see each other for eight or nine months though, we both forgot about it. (If only there were services that could safely transport packages across long distances for a small fee… No, too risky. Only personal delivery will suffice!)

Mike is, of course, awesome and I’m thrilled with the gift. I thought it was a good image to sign off with. It has that summer vacation feel and the right vibe for my upcoming travels. Many thanks to Mike.

See you in a couple weeks!

Bogged Down

I’ve spent the last week bogged down with a pretty wicked bug. It started out as a minor cough and quickly turned into a sore throat and then a sniffling, sneezing, and “oops there went a lung” coughing fit that lasted most of the week. Oh and I had a fever. The end result was that I spent the entire week working at about 20% my usual ability and I even missed two days of work. Admittedly, I’m lucky. I have a job where I can stay home and recover (oh, and not infect my co-workers). Many people do not have that luxury.

Speaking of luxury, time for serious blogging is a luxury I obviously haven’t had lately. I thought I should put something up here regarding the lack of meaty posts lately. It’s likely to be a bit sparse for another week or two while I play catch-up. In the meantime here are links to two nifty photo-essays:

A basement in Portland holds an intriguing juxtaposition.

LA’s original subways.