Bogged Down

I’ve spent the last week bogged down with a pretty wicked bug. It started out as a minor cough and quickly turned into a sore throat and then a sniffling, sneezing, and “oops there went a lung” coughing fit that lasted most of the week. Oh and I had a fever. The end result was […]

Rumor mill

Apparently there is some new rumors swirling around all things Pynchon today. I’ve heard mention about the Inherent Vice adaptation, but the rumor of a new book is a new one for me. Could it be? That would be three novels within the span of a decade. One would guess that it would be a […]

A Playlist for 2012

In many ways this post is a day late. I sat down to start writing about 2012 in retrospect and found myself incapable of really setting things down in words. It is impossible for me to write about 2012 without noting the pall my grandpa’s death casts over the entire year. It’s difficult to call […]

Darrell Henson, 1925-2012

This morning my grandfather, Darrell Henson, passed away in his sleep. Next Friday would have been his eighty-seventh birthday. He was a man gifted with a quick laugh. He was a man who, in his youth, was quick to temper. He was incredibly stubborn. He was a man who constantly planned and tinkered. He was […]

Spinning My Wheels

Sadly there’s not going to be a long post this week. I’ve spent the last week basically spinning my wheels and struggling with an inability to get any real traction. Maybe it was due the inevitable post-holiday exhaustion. Maybe it came from the rather bumpy week I had at work (was it something in the air? I […]