Playing Beautiful Games

The title to this post only partly references references the links I’m about to pass along. It’s mostly about the beautiful game I’m playing in my head right now where I think (think) that I’m going to be able to start posting a bit more in the future. The new job is, if I’m honest, a bit daunting. I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to start protecting my “me” time through writing and working on some projects I’ve had percolating for the past few months. As with any big and important job it’s pretty easy to let it overwhelm your every waking moment.  It’s a route I went down a couple times during grad school and I’m not eager to revisit it. So, here’s to striking a balance!

(For those of you in the know: I really didn’t think that the title I gave that comp conference would seem so fitting to my life when I thought it up.)

Enough rambling. More links!

First, this story about Argentinian Soccer at Outside Magazine was a fascinating read if you’re interested in “The Beautiful Game.” It’s also more than a little terrifying.

One of my favorite new websites is Randall Munroe’s What If. You likely know Munroe’s work if you’ve been on the internet for more than five minutes. In fact, my even mentioning What If is probably pointless since you all know about it already. I just want to note how much fun I’m having reading these improbable scenarios.

What If also deserves my thanks for the following amazing video:

Lightning at 7,207 frames per second.

That is all.

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