Of Light

Sometimes a music video has the ability to become completely immeshed with a song. This can often be to the song’s detriment. Not so in this case. I keep coming back to Mumford & Sons’ “Lover of the Light” and its video directed by and staring Idris Elba. I highly recommend a second viewing.

Errant Reader: “Low-Lands” – Thomas Pynchon (1960)

“Low-Lands” is an early artifact of Pynchon’s work where you’re immediately aware of that signature sense of revelation waiting just beyond the horizon of the text. Sadly this sense ultimately gets lost amongst all the mixed signals permeating the text. Rather than hinting at greater revelations upon multiple readings, its pat conclusion destroys the sense […]


No big post this week. Sadly, I’ve been just buried in work lately. Rather than put out a lackluster product, I’m going to take a pass and get back to Pynchon next week. In the meantime here’s the latest video from The Corin Tucker Band: And a bit of background from NPR.