Bogged Down

I’ve spent the last week bogged down with a pretty wicked bug. It started out as a minor cough and quickly turned into a sore throat and then a sniffling, sneezing, and “oops there went a lung” coughing fit that lasted most of the week. Oh and I had a fever. The end result was that I spent the entire week working at about 20% my usual ability and I even missed two days of work. Admittedly, I’m lucky. I have a job where I can stay home and recover (oh, and not infect my co-workers). Many people do not have that luxury.

Speaking of luxury, time for serious blogging is a luxury I obviously haven’t had lately. I thought I should put something up here regarding the lack of meaty posts lately. It’s likely to be a bit sparse for another week or two while I play catch-up. In the meantime here are links to two nifty photo-essays:

A basement in Portland holds an intriguing juxtaposition.

LA’s original subways.


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