Spinning My Wheels

Sadly there’s not going to be a long post this week. I’ve spent the last week basically spinning my wheels and struggling with an inability to get any real traction. Maybe it was due the inevitable post-holiday exhaustion. Maybe it came from the rather bumpy week I had at work (was it something in the air? I just couldn’t find a rhythm!) Maybe it was due to the family emergency that almost had me packing my bags to visit family this week. Probably it was some combination of all of the above.

Happily, things are looking up at the moment. Let’s keep things nice and light this week though. First, my birthday present:

New ToyIt’s shiny.

Here’s some stuff I’ve been reading on my new toy:

Spiegel Online has a story up about the incredible (and crumbling) “Atlantis” of Neft Dashlari.

Noah Shachtman writes at Wired about the search to crack the 250 year old code of a secret society.

Scientific American has an article up about the atmospheric properties that could lead to Megastorms (the sort that turn the Sacramento Valley into something more like a lake) in California’s near future. Apparently the last week of rain in CA has been the result of these sorts of atmospheric properties on the small scale.

Good reading.



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