Vox Populi

The Guardian has a short piece with an interview with Alan Moore about the ubiquity of the V for Vendetta mask in recent protest movements.

In other news, I recently re-watched the 2006 film adaptation of V for Vendetta. I have to disagree with Lamont’s characterization of the film as being quite bad. I think it holds up. It pales in comparison to the book, but that’s the case nine times out of ten anyway. I will also admit to some major issues with the more “Hollywood” attempts to make it appeal to a wider audience. It’s an enjoyable film that nevertheless captures many of the themes and critical questions from the book. I also appreciate the attempt by the filmmakers to update the concepts in the book for a distinctly post 9/11 world. I can’t say I agree with all the creative decisions, but it manages to raise a lot of productive questions.

Getting back into the swing of things…

Obviously, this blog has been on a bit of a hiatus lately. The Fall term started with a vengeance back in September and while I’d hoped to return to the world of blogging at first, I eventually gave up. Between the dissertation and teaching my priorities need to be elsewhere. (Frankly, my students are always going to come first, which means the blog will be the first thing to fall to the wayside.)

That said, I’ve been missing the pattern of blogging I started to get into over the summer. A number of contributing circumstances are going to allow me to have a little more freedom to start posting here again. I’ve also been collecting interesting links about current events related to economic and class issues in the U.S. that I’m planning to start collecting here again (for instance, the various Occupy Movements and particularly events at UC Davis.) Sadly, my schedule isn’t going to magically clear up and allow me to look into these links in any sort of depth. Still, my plan is to work on striking some level of balance that allows me to keep the semi-creative outlet of the blog rolling while still meeting all my professional obligations.

In short, I’m back. Mostly.

Also, thanks for reading despite the long lulls between posts.