Vox Populi

The Guardian has a short piece with an interview with Alan Moore about the ubiquity of the V for Vendetta mask in recent protest movements.

In other news, I recently¬†re-watched¬†the 2006 film adaptation of V for Vendetta. I have to disagree with Lamont’s characterization of the film as being quite bad. I think it holds up. It pales in comparison to the book, but that’s the case nine times out of ten anyway. I will also admit to some major issues with the more “Hollywood” attempts to make it appeal to a wider audience. It’s an enjoyable film that nevertheless captures many of the themes and critical questions from the book. I also appreciate the attempt by the filmmakers to update the concepts in the book for a distinctly post 9/11 world. I can’t say I agree with all the creative decisions, but it manages to raise a lot of productive questions.