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Pynchon and ebooks

This morning began with a link provided from Sarah T. of Girls Like Giants to this New York Times story about Thomas Pynchon’s decision to go ahead to let his books be sold as ebooks. This is usually the point where the Pynchon scholar (me – and yeah, I’m going to go ahead and say scholar. Maybe it’s the new PhD getting to me, but what the hell) rails against the electronic format and sings the virtues of paper.

Except I think this is a great idea. Read more of this post


A Plumber’s Opera

Eddie Izzard in Lego

Your fun for the day:

A friend of mine sent me this link.  The related videos are well worth watching.

Worthy observations

The five most underrated Simpson’s characters.  I particularly like the example of Arnie Pye’s traffic report.