365 for 2012

12/26/11 by Errant Ventures
12/26/11, a photo by Errant Ventures on Flickr.

As a fun side project I’ve decided to pick up my camera again and try to take a picture a day for the next year. I’ve tried this sort of thing once before (in 2010) and…well…I failed. In my defense, things were a bit busy that year. Not that things aren’t busy right now, but what they hey. Even if I only last a month, I’ll have a month of pictures and hopefully some interesting posts for this bog. I like the idea of challenging myself for a full year though. So, why not go all out?

You’ll also notice that I’m starting a little early (December 23rd technically). I could have made it a resolution for the new year, but I was feeling creative and decided there was no real reason to wait for the arbitrary date of the first.

Above is one of my first pictures for the project. It’s of an antique typewriter of mine that’s been living in storage for a few years. It’s found a home in the corner of my parent’s living room. Frankly, I’ve always loved it and it looks great in my parent’s house.

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