Links 2/23: Wisconsin Protests & Related Issues

TPM reports on former Wisconsin senator Russ Feingold’s response to Gov. Walker’s speech last night. Gov. Walker was apparently punked into thinking he was talking to a big dollar political supporter when he was in fact talking to a journalist. Huffington Post has the story and the Democratic response to Walker’s statements. TPM on the Walker press […]

Links 2/22: Wisconsin & Related Labor Issues

New York Times reports on reactions in Wisconsin. TPM reports on Walker’s “fireside chat.” Here’s the video: Huffington Post reports on a similar situation in Indiana where Democratic State Senators fled the state. TPM reports on Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels  pulling back on the anti-union legislation later in the day. Rachel Maddow makes a case […]

Statement of Purpose: Why I’m with Wisconsin Workers

As events escalate in Wisconsin it’s becoming clearer and clearer that Governor Scott Walker’s proposal to do away with collective bargaining rights for state workers is a blatant attempt at union busting. It’s different than much of the union busting that I study in the literary and historical work surrounding my dissertation. Nevertheless it amounts […]