Wisconsin labor wars?

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker has recently proposed taking away all collective bargaining rights for state workers (exempting law enforcement and fire employees.) I first came across the story at Talking Points Memo here. More recently I saw this item reporting that Walker has stated that he hasn’t called up the national guard, but he’s briefed them in preparation for any disruption of state services. Maybe I’ve been reading about too many labor strikes during the 19th and early 20th century lately, but then again, maybe Walker has too. I mean, it’s never too early to call in the troops when those unruly workers get uppity and agitating. It’s not like teachers (for instance) deserve the right to bargain for retirement benefits.

To be fair to Walker, the article specifically mentions staffing prisons in regards to the guard. That said, Walker’s given a draconian proposition here and Wisconsin will be worth watching in the days to come.

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