Elliot D. Woods has an intriguing piece up at the Virginia Quarterly Review about the mineral wealth and mining practices in Afghanistan. The piece is an excellent essay looking at the current situation and the potential of Afghanistan. I think what it misses is the larger ramifications of nearly all mining practices no matter what […]

Absence & Revision

Since my last post life has both been much more stressful thanks to another round of term finals and relaxing thanks to Spring Break. Obviously those two factors have intervened with my attempt to keep up with my linking of recent issues with labor relations in the midwest. I’m certain that I’ll return to that […]

Or does he mean the car insurance company?

In catching up with the news this morning I was struck by this gem of a quote from Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker via TPM: What we’re doing here, I think, is progressive. It’s innovative. It’s reform that leads the country, and we’re showing there’s a better way by sharing in that sacrifice with all of […]

Celebrating Rockness

Rob Scheffield writes a review of a recent Wild Flag show at Rolling Stone. It took me back to the show I saw in Portland last November. Given the news lately, I needed the reminder of a brilliant show. Speaking of Wild Flag, NPR is currently streaming their first single “Glass Tambourine.”

Links for Wisconsin Labor Issues 3/10

Here are some links I’ve been collecting. I’m afraid I have not been able to keep up with the fast pace of events in Wisconsin. Via Huffington Post: An overview of the end run the Wisconsin GOP and Governor Walker used to move the anti-labor bill through the Senate as things stood last night. Via […]

Links in brief

A couple links I don’t want to lose track of. As a disclaimer, I haven’t had time to read through them in full yet. 20 lies told by Governor Walker Latest poll of Wisconsin about Governor Walker’s proposals via Huffington Post.