The Dangers of Mining

The deaths of at least 20 miners in Colombia today is a stark reminder of the inherent dangers of coal mining. More from the BBC. While on the subject, the BBC is also reporting on the inquest findings on the Pike River mining disaster in New Zealand.

The Last Mountain

This trailer for The Last Mountain, which is playing at Sundance this year, just got on my radar. Many thoughts and I’ll come back to a post on this later, but I wanted to at least put the trailer up. The official site for the film can be found here.


While I’m on the subject of Sleater-Kinney, or rather the band members, Carrie Brownstein’s side project Portlandia is airing on IFC. And I just stumbled on her theme song for the show here.


Many things in dissertation land turned from being idle projects and projections of future goals to actual projects with very real deadlines. Large, looming deadlines with vocabularies stunning for the variety of four letter words they’re yelling at me. I realize that in the long run, this is all a good thing and all part […]


Why the burst of activity lately? Well, the long quiet has primarily been due to the long haul that I’m in with regards to my dissertation. Well that, and the fact that most anything I want to report can just as easily go on Facebook though. Recently though I’ve been missing the format of the […]

Urban decay

A beautiful set of pictures of the North Brother Island at The Kingston Lounge and a compelling look at the history of the island while you’re at it. Worth a look.