The Last Mountain

This trailer for The Last Mountain, which is playing at Sundance this year, just got on my radar. Many thoughts and I’ll come back to a post on this later, but I wanted to at least put the trailer up. The official site for the film can be found here.


Many things in dissertation land turned from being idle projects and projections of future goals to actual projects with very real deadlines. Large, looming deadlines with vocabularies stunning for the variety of four letter words they’re yelling at me. I realize that in the long run, this is all a good thing and all part of the process. Nevertheless, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. So, I figure I’d turn, as I usually do, to Sleater-Kinney for help. Given the recent album, I actually turned to Corin Tucker, but the three will always go together for me given how often I turn to their albums. (That said, I can’t wait for Wild Flag to release their 7″).

Anyway, here’s a song that’s been on my mind today and a review of 1000 Years from NPR.


Why the burst of activity lately? Well, the long quiet has primarily been due to the long haul that I’m in with regards to my dissertation. Well that, and the fact that most anything I want to report can just as easily go on Facebook though. Recently though I’ve been missing the format of the blog. In particular the way that a blog allows you to capture a moment, and return to it in reflection. Facebook and other social networking lives in the now (if not an idealized future where if you provide your name, number, those of your friends, family, dog, cat, and so on your social networking experience will be enhanced beyond your wildest imagination). What this lacks though is the ability to go back and recollect. (I don’t deny you can scroll back in time, but I personally find it to be a bit of a bother and generally filled with…well, filler). Add to that I’ve been missing a bit of the long form that the blog allows. Not that I’ve been very good at indulging in that long format. We can hope change, right?

Thus a new start that goes back to the core of why I started this particular blog. I’ll try to capture the peculiar zietgeist of my day – be it in link or long form – and try to capture a bit of the detritus off of the scholarly process that is writing a dissertation.

Here’s to high goals.