Links 2/27: Wisconsin Protests & Related Issues

I had to take a rather long hiatus from posting here over the last couple of days thanks to the increasingly hectic nature of the school term. Here are a backlog of links and stories in no particular order:

Via Huffington Post – Shep Smith on the politics of Wisconsin’s anti-labor legislation. As he notes, it’s not a budget issue. Also, Howard Fineman does the political math in the Wisconsin fight.

Meanwhile, TPM reports on the growth of the protests this weekend despite the bad weather.

At the New York Times Paul Krugman makes a compelling case about the Wisconsin legislation being a case of shock and awe that hides some disturbing trends regarding privatization. One of Krugman’s salient points is that the legislation and Walker’s handling of it suggests the cronyism and mismanagement that’s to come.

Closer to home, Saturday saw rallies of support for Wisconsin unions locally (via Matt).

Rick Ungar writes has a post  at Forbes covering how public employee pensions work in Wisconsin. The short version is that Walker and his supporters are being disingenuous in how they’re presenting the issue. Ungar does a good job walking through the issue and I highly recommend taking a look at the post.

Via Boing Boing: An infographic following the Koch Brother’s contributions to Scott Walker’s campaign for governor and the potential payoff for their support.

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