Links 7/6/12

Here’s a backlog of stuff I’ve been meaning to link:

– I came across an old article form the Atlantic by  Paul Fussel after his death was announced back in May. Warning: It’s a bit of a gruesome read. Given its subject matter – getting past the propaganda and examining the World War II without rose colored glasses – it needs to be. Here’s the link.

– An article on Stephen Hawking’s lost bet about Higgs boson over at MSNBC.

– Lynn Parramoore Alternet has an interesting article about job insecurity as a new American epidemic and the health problems that’s causing. It’s an intriguing subject and I know a lot of hard working people working under this sort of stress.

– Ages back Io9 ran some pictures of Pittsburg in the 1940s and 50s. I’ve tried to think of how to describe it, but it all sounds lame when I type it. You’re better of just taking a look for yourself.

– Finally, in the irony category: Karl Marx on a MasterCard.

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