I have seen the Internet and it is full of spam

For what amounts to a personal blog with a pretty small readership I seem to get a lot of spammers in the comments. I was emptying out the comments filter this morning and ran across these nuggets: Symptoms of flu… That was it. Very ominous. Or maybe it was referencing how the other comments feel. […]

Jharia on the brink

Earlier this week the LA Times had a story about Jharia, India and the coal fires that have threatened that community for decades. The case of Jharia is pretty bleak according to the Times. An intriguing aspect of this story though is the increase of strip mining that has occurred as a means to “save” […]

Some Quick Thoughts on the Move

The radio silence here lately has been due to the big move that took place this week. Last Friday we packed up our lives in Oregon and hit the road for Los Angeles. The move itself happened over three days: one day to pack, two to drive. We unpacked the truck on the last day […]