A Heavenwide Blast of Light

I’ve been taking in all the news and video about the meteor explosion over Russia this morning. Amazing stuff. It just goes to show just how vulnerable we are as a planet and as a species. Neither of these videos are “new” or anything. I just wanted to post them here for posterity (and research). […]

Guess What I Saw Today

It’s a less than perfect cell phone photo, but here is the highlight of my day: Endeavour on its last flight. I had worried that I might not catch sight of it today. To me space flight and exploration is an incredibly powerful symbol of what we are capable of as a species when we […]

Light to Matter

I wanted to post a few links I’ve come across today. Sadly (due to lack of equipment and a fairly cloudy day) I’ll be watching this online. Still, I’m endlessly fascinated by this sort of thing. In another life (one where I was actually decent at math) I’d be an astronomer. Everything you need to […]