1/8/12 [Missed]

1/8/12 [Missed] by Errant Ventures
1/8/12 [Missed], a photo by Errant Ventures on Flickr.

Due to travelling in less than ideal conditions, I missed my picture on the 8th. My rule for missed days is that I have to take a picture representing why I missed the day in the first place. Thus, if I just forget, I have to do a self portrait (gasp! consternation! motivation to not forget!) I wanted to post this one on the blog since it seemed rathe fitting of my mindset lately. I’ve been running at what seems like top speed lately only to look at the speedometer and realize no, I’m not really going that fast at all. Of course, this would be a bit more fitting if the speedometer here wasn’t just pointed at zero. Obviously, I took the picture at a dead stop for safety reasons.

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