In which I whine a little

If you follow me on twitter, you’re probably well aware that I’ve been sick as all get out over the last week or so. The combination of a variation of the flu and a throat infection has knocked me pretty much entirely out of commission. Oh sure, the inability to eat, drink, or speak normally due to the worst sore throat I’ve ever had has been loads of fun and all, but frankly I’m ready to get back to life now. (Ask me about the year and a half I had reoccurring tonsillitis as a kid and I’ll now say “tonsillitis smosillitis. They took those babies out and I was fine. Now that throat infection…”)

Aside from the fact that my work’s been on hiatus until I can actually think straight, I’ve also paused my 365 project. I managed to keep it up the first day or two I was sick, but that was when I was still convinced I was going to be over it in a day or two.

Oh to be young and naive again.

I’ll be picking up that project again as soon as I find my camera. You read that right. I’ve barely left the house for the last week and I somehow lost my camera. In my defense, I had a fever. Until today. I’m feeling a bit better today (hence the brief return to blogging). Aside from the exhaustion (there were a number of naps that went into the writing of this post) my symptoms are all slowly fading. I am really looking forward to returning to a semblance of health so that I can get things back to normal around here.