Three Authors

Few things would ever make me want to be a high school student again. To be able to talk to Maxine Hong Kingston and Leslie Marmon Silko makes a valiant effort. With the addition of Toni Morrison to the evening and I could end up in negotiations.

As for substance, there’s not a lot in this particular story aside from the personally uplifting idea that three authors I think so highly of are friends and that we all have reason to be envious of those students while also happy that such programs exist. That said, and just an aside, I get hung up on one line of Alexandra Cheney’s write up of the event: “Silko, whose eyelashes followed her heartbeat in both timing and rapidity, feverishly spoke, leaving no time for questions.” Maybe it’s just me, but I have this image of Cheney taking Silko’s pulse while having some sort of blinking seizure. In short, an unfortunate bit of poetic license that breaks the mood.

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