The Lost Generation

Interesting piece on the perception of WWI in the US.  Part of my project will necessarily be framed by WWI and the effect that it had on the nation as a whole.  One thing I find interesting about the piece is the way Lengel basis our collective memory on film.  I think that there has been a wider portrayal of the war in other venues.  The dissatisfaction of the 20s would seem to at least point to that.  This isn’t to say that Lengel isn’t on to something here.  Is it any wonder that so many ex patriots went to Europe?  Rememberence (Veterans) day in England at least is a much more tangible event than it is here and there’s certainly still a collective memory of the Great War.  The issue here is how the teens gets turned into a blank spot of American history.  Everything happened “over there,” but the fact is that the effects of the war were already home roosting.  On a smaller scale it is not unlike Vietnam or this very moment.

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