Lit 101

Lit 101 in three lines or less from McSweeney’s. Call me jaded from my undergrad Milton course, but I think Paradise Lost is a definite improvement.


The New Yorker on Ezra Pound. Every time I come across anything with Pound I get lost in his character rather than his work.  I should really pay more attention though given the death of the imagist movement in WWI and my own research in this area. As a side note, a comic strip on […]

Electric Boogaloo

Articles like this always strike my fancy.  It’s not that I want to start ripping my car apart or that I see converting cars as a feasible process or something that people are going to rally to.  Nonetheless being my father’s son I do have a nostalgia for working on vehicles.  I will be the […]

For kicks

If I had time I would love to be able to make comics on the eclectic caliber of Kate Beaton.