All that’s old is new

I’m having way more fun than I should be searching the Library of Congress digital archives for anything that remotely relates to my project.  For example, the 1893 World’s Fair.

The Lost Generation

Interesting piece on the perception of WWI in the US.  Part of my project will necessarily be framed by WWI and the effect that it had on the nation as a whole.  One thing I find interesting about the piece is the way Lengel basis our collective memory on film.  I think that there has […]

Book sale

Columbia University Press is having a sale. 20-80% off a bunch of titles. It ends May 31st.

The death of the critic?

Jonathan Gottschall on why us literary scholars need to be more like scientists.  I’m interested in thoughts on this.  One of us is doing a horrible misreading. Is an adoption of scientific positivism honestly what we should be going for?  Given the kinds of debates that revolve around science in this nation you’d think it […]

Free books

Where did I have you at? Free or books SSRC books has made Structures of Participation in digital Culture available online as a free pdf. Now I haven’t read any of this nor do I make any claims about how good it is. I will say that it looks interesting, it’s free and it is […]

I can has blog?

Why a blog?  I don’t necessarily have a good reason, but that’s luckily never stopped me in the past.  Primarily this is for my own records.  In the course of my everyday studies and research over the last couple of years I’ve stumbled across countless snippets of information that is either worth simply noting or […]