I can has blog?

Why a blog?  I don’t necessarily have a good reason, but that’s luckily never stopped me in the past.  Primarily this is for my own records.  In the course of my everyday studies and research over the last couple of years I’ve stumbled across countless snippets of information that is either worth simply noting or useful to my research, everyday life, well being, or hope for a better tomorrow.  I lose something like 95% of said snippets the next day.  So the blog is really an attempt at retaining some of that and keeping my own personal log of the remainder of my PhD.

Besides, this way I get to share the crap I find important.  This is at least partially an exercise in narcissism too.  I’ll make not apologies for it.  Obviously I’ll just quietly hope that people read it and (gosh darn it) think I’m cool without actually saying as much.  Aren’t I sly?