Electric Boogaloo

Articles like this always strike my fancy.  It’s not that I want to start ripping my car apart or that I see converting cars as a feasible process or something that people are going to rally to.  Nonetheless being my father’s son I do have a nostalgia for working on vehicles.  I will be the first to admit that I fell pretty far from the tree and there’s plenty to do with cars that I don’t understand.  Instead I sit around in autoshop waiting rooms wishing I had paid closer attention when I was a kid.

Still, there’s something to the image of people working through the gas problem we have right now and which is only going to get worse.  These guys are from MIT and aren’t folks sitting around in a garage.  That’s what I’d like to see though.  There’s something uplifting about the idea of folks getting fed up and saying “screw it, let’s convert the car.”  Maybe it’s just the tangible feeling that comes along with “fixing” a problem.

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