A funny thing happened this morning…

I woke up and was a doctor.

Strange though it seems to me, I successfully defended my dissertation yesterday. As I posted on various social media outlets:

(To this day this I think of the victory fanfare from FF IV at times of success. I played that game a lot when I was a kid.)

This isn’t to say that it’s all done. I have line edits to complete. I also have the rest of the school term to get through. Most importantly C still has her defense coming up so I’m still a bit anxious on her part. (She’s going to absolutely rock it, of course. Her committee will get to do what I do just about every day, which is go “damn, that is one smart woman!” They will not, however, get to add my next thought: “And I’m married to her!” Sorry C’s committee, you just gotta deal.)

Another funny thing was happened this morning:

I got a copy of the journal that just published an article I wrote in the mail!

Seriously, this morning was pretty awesome.

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