Down in the Canyon

My current song obsession is Heartless Bastards’ “Down in the Canyon.” Their album Arrow is one of a handfull keeping me sane in the midst of my dissertation revisions and edits. I highly recommend picking it up.


4/7/12, a photo by Errant Ventures on Flickr. I managed to get out and mow the yard the other day (between rain showers). The neighborhood cat spent a lot of time sitting outside wondering where his jungle went.

In which I compare editing to a head injury

I recently spoke with a friend of the family who asked me what the process was like at this stage of the dissertation. I’m about three weeks out from the deadline for finishing my dissertation and about six weeks out from my dissertation defense, so the question came at a pretty poignant moment for me. […]


3/28/12, a photo by Errant Ventures on Flickr. If you’re interested in progressive era labor history, Joe Hill, or the IWW, I highly recommend William Adler’s The Man Who Never Died. It’s easily the most comprehensive book on Hill since Gibbs Smith’s 1969 Joe Hill. Eventually I’ll find the time to do a proper book […]

Here to stay

I spent a chunk of this morning reading Bruce Springsteen’s keynote (or keynotes as he puts it) at this year’s SXSW over at Rolling Stone. It’s an inspiring speech if for no other reason than Springsteen’s enthusiasm for the artists and music that he talks about. After reading I immediately went and filled my music […]

Real Writers

I just came across a link for this letter Kurt Vonnegut wrote to a chair of a school board in North Dakota who decided to burn copies of Vonnegut’s work because it was deemed inappropriate for children. Vonnegut’s response is powerful both in its condemnation of the school boards methods and in his defense of […]