Here to stay

I spent a chunk of this morning reading Bruce Springsteen’s keynote (or keynotes as he puts it) at this year’s SXSW over at Rolling Stone. It’s an inspiring speech if for no other reason than Springsteen’s enthusiasm for the artists and music that he talks about. After reading I immediately went and filled my music queue with the likes of Woody Guthrie, James Brown, Hank Williams, and The Animals.

On a related note, I desperately want to start playing guitar again. Graduate school has not been conducive in improving my meager music skills.

4 thoughts on “Here to stay

  1. Ditto on getting back to playing guitar. I bought a new one last fall, and it’s been out of the case oh, about three times since then. Have to get back in the game. Bruce’s speech was definitely inspirational — if nothing else, I can take the guitar out, check my moves in the bedroom mirror, and call it a success!

  2. Forgot to mention, too (though I may have told you this the last time we hung out) — Bruce’s new album, “Wrecking Ball,” fits your working class / labor conflict interests nicely. I’d still put it behind “Nebraska” and “Ghost of Tom Joad” in this regard, but I’m willing to call it his best of the last decade.

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