Wired post on Inherent Vice

This is old, but I wanted to put it down anyway due to its claim of the end of the Postmodern tome.  Sure Inherent Vice is under 400 pages and that is a change from Pynchon’s usual MO, but I’m not sure it signals that Pynchon is surrendering to the all mighty power of Twitter […]

What makes a detective…

Louis Menand gives us a glimpse into Inherent Vice over at the New Yorker by using Chandler as the base comparitor.  Given the history of detectives, and not just the literary one, it’s worth asking if hardboiled and honorable is really the status quo.

Textual Detritus – McCarthy’s Blood Meridian

Textual Detritus is a running series of notes focused on my reading list for exams related to my PhD studies.  These are not reviews so I will refrain from explaining plot lines.  These posts also contain any number of spoilers for the books in question though I’ll try to keep them hidden behind a cut.  […]

Not dead yet…

Thanks to the Monty Python and the Holy Grail musical I feel as though I should break into song just about now.  Despite the long silence here, I’ve managed complete some looming deadlines and return to blogging on something resembling a semi regular basis.  Part of this will involve posting my notes on the literary […]