Wired post on Inherent Vice

This is old, but I wanted to put it down anyway due to its claim of the end of the Postmodern tome.  Sure Inherent Vice is under 400 pages and that is a change from Pynchon’s usual MO, but I’m not sure it signals that Pynchon is surrendering to the all mighty power of Twitter to lower our attention spans.  Against the Day came out in 2006.  We’re getting Inherent Vice less than three years later.  The last time Pynchon rolled out two novels in the same decade was the 1960s (V. and Crying of Lot 49).  To say that the Internet and Twitter have “driven a stake through the heart of dense fiction” is disingenious at best.

2 thoughts on “Wired post on Inherent Vice

  1. I should note that I got my dates wrong for the publication of Vineland which was 1990. That puts it in the same decade as Mason & Dixon in 1997. My point still stands even if my memory doesn’t since that’s still 7-8 years difference compared to the ’63-’66 difference between V. and Lot 49.

    /grouchy rant.

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