Not dead yet…

Thanks to the Monty Python and the Holy Grail musical I feel as though I should break into song just about now.  Despite the long silence here, I’ve managed complete some looming deadlines and return to blogging on something resembling a semi regular basis.  Part of this will involve posting my notes on the literary works that I have to read for the exams that I will be taking next year as part of my PhD work.  Or maybe I should say the parts of my notes that could concievably be worth reading.  The idea is that posting something will provide me with a written record to go back and study as well as force me to put my thoughts down in a coherent and cohesive fashion.  Given that I have more time now I’ll still be posting whatever I find interesting, but the notes will likely take.  Also anything literary is likely to get shunted over to the Post 45 blog that I’m also administrating.

I suppose I could have just done all of that without rambling about it here.  Oh well, what the hell.  At least I got another post out of it.

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