Gotta Go

Currently Listening to Quasi’s “You Can Stay But You Got To Go” from their upcoming album Mole City available for download over at Pitchfork. I’m not a big Quasi fan (I just can’t get into Sam Coomes’ style), but I love Janet Weiss on drums. Overall, I’m really digging this track. (Image via: Wikimedia Commons.) […]

V. Chapter Two – The Whole Sick Crew

Chapter 2 uses the setting to move the narrative over to Rachel Owlglass in a generally subtle way. This is perhaps in part to tie the novel more closely together early on given its disparate elements and the larger jumps that are to appear as the narrative progresses. The effect is compelling, small though it may […]

Links 7/5/13

A gallery of computing machines at io9. Jayson Greene examines the samples on Kanye West’s Yeezus at Pitchfork. Why Miami is doomed by Jeff Goodell from Rolling Stone. Also from Rolling Stone: 20 songs that are 20 years old. (I am so very very old…) Finally, because I’m old, I’m going to include the following clip […]

Links 6/25/2013

For your consideration: Verlyn Klinkenborg at the New York Times on the decline of the English major. Lee Hutchinson at Ars Technica has the story of how NASA rebuilt the F-1 “moon rocket.” Adam Johnson tells the story of Kim Jong-il’s sushi chef at GQ. Finally, Atlas Obscura takes a tour of the “Ruins of […]

Something New at 250

Welcome to Errant Reader! Admittedly, it’s not new at all. A little while ago I realized that I had passed my 5-year anniversary with this blog and that I was almost to my 250th post. Despite my irregular update schedule, I decided that maybe I was actually going to stick with this blog and maybe […]