Archival Gems

One of the elements that I miss from my doctoral work was the archival and historical research on the progressive era that I did on a regular basis. While I was usually searching for specific information, I regularly stumbled across little gems of information or research tracks that I never had the time to follow […]

Lead Belly

I’ve been listening to a lot of Lead Belly this morning. I recommend the same to you. “Gallows Pole” “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” Anyone have a recommendation for a solid collection of his recordings that’s worth buying? I went to link something here, but was quickly overwhelmed by the number of options available. […]

Kill My Vacation Blues

Just a note to say that the posting will be light to nonexistent for the next two weeks. I’ve decided to take a proper vacation. I originally thought that I’d keep up with posting while traveling, but I haven’t been satisfied with the quality of my work and instead of relaxing I was spending a […]

V. Chapter 4 – In which Esther gets a nose job

I’ve decided to keep this post short. The fact that I’m on vacation has nothing to do with this decision. Is anyone buying this? No? Ok, fair enough. Truth is, it has been so long since I’ve had a real vacation that I’m forcing myself to take it easy. There is a lot to dig […]

Black Dresses

Currently listening to The Builders and the Butchers. Here’s a video of a live performance of “Black Dresses.” I’m really drawn in by the intensity of Ryan Sollee in this performance.

Links 7/12/13

Justin Davidson on the history and the future of the New York waterfront. Two stories from Ars Technica on the struggle to avoid junk when flying in space: One of Fermi and another of the ISS.