Restart – 2019 Reading List

I’ve kept this space on the back burner for the better part of the last decade. Given that we’re on the cusp of a new one, it seems like a fitting time for me to start using it for something. So, thanks to the inspiration of Sarah at Dogs, Coffee, & Books, here’s a look back at my reading for 2019 to kickstart me into a new decade that’ll hopefully be filled with more words – both those I write and read.

The year was above average in terms of the number of books I made it through – but perhaps not pages. I didn’t have many of the massive tomes that I tend to be drawn to this year. Still, the total is still below what I set out to read 365 days ago. The list is incomplete due to the fact that I don’t feel like typing up a list of the 69 some odd graphic novels I worked through over the course of the year. It felt like there was a lot of…meh this year. I feel good for reading a number of books, but I didn’t spend much of my time enthralled either (looking at you Dostoyevsky).

Highlights of the year are noted by a * below. Rereads with a (R).

2019 – Reading

  1. Urrea – House of Broken Angels*
  2. Wilson – Fences
  3. Loomis – History of America in 10 Strikes
  4. Ondaatje – Warlight
  5. Gaiman – Coraline (R)
  6. Obren – Six Days of War*
  7. Adams – The Viking Wars
  8. Christie – ABC Murders
  9. Tucker – City of Light, City of Poison
  10. Savage – Every Tool is a Hammer
  11. Gleick – The Information*
  12. Payne – The Broken Ladder
  13. Murakami – Wind up Bird Chronicle*
  14. Sobel – Longitude
  15. Ghosh – The Great Derangement*
  16. Odell – How to do Nothing
  17. Higginbotham – Midnight in Chernobyl*
  18. Sebald – Rings of Saturn* (R)
  19. Caro – Working
  20. Humes – Garbology
  21. Epic of Gilgamesh (R)
  22. Okorafor – Binti Trilogy*
  23. Pynchon – Against the Day* (R)
  24. Homer – The Odyssey (R)
  25. Euripedes – Medea (R)
  26. Sophocles – Oedipus Rex (R)
  27. Wu – The Curse of Bigness
  28. Dante – The Inferno (R)
  29. Dostoyevsky – The Brothers Karamazov
  30. Yamashita – Tropic of Orange (R)
  31. Orange – There There*
  32. Wedgewood – The Thirty Years War*
  33. Oliver – New and Selected Poems vol. 1
  34. Norris – Clybourne Park
  35. Joyce – Dubliners
  36. Vuong – On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous*

Onward to 2020!