Links 6/25/2013

For your consideration: Verlyn Klinkenborg at the New York Times on the decline of the English major. Lee Hutchinson at Ars Technica has the story of how NASA rebuilt the F-1 “moon rocket.” Adam Johnson tells the story of Kim Jong-il’s sushi chef at GQ. Finally, Atlas Obscura takes a tour of the “Ruins of […]

Something New at 250

Welcome to Errant Reader! Admittedly, it’s not new at all. A little while ago I realized that I had passed my 5-year anniversary with this blog and that I was almost to my 250th post. Despite my irregular update schedule, I decided that maybe I was actually going to stick with this blog and maybe […]

Glimpses of the Past

Here are two old color films that have been making the rounds online lately. One is of London in 1926 and the other is of New York in 1939. Both are stunning.