Says Joe

Every so often I talk back to the book I’m reading. It’s fairly similar to the movie goer who calls out to the next victim in a zombie movie. Obviously that door doesn’t lead to safety! It’s where your zombified neighbor happens to be waiting patiently (if a bit peckish). Usually my outbursts come due […]

Natural Disasters, Unnatural People?

A few stories regarding the coal industry have caught my eye and, despite my being a few weeks late to the party, I think each deserves more attention: Investigators apparently have evidence that Massey Energy kept fake safety records for Upper Big Branch prior to the explosion that killed 29 miners in 2010. This comes […]

Best Known or Best?

Interesting discussion happening over at the Guardian about what happens to be an author’s best book vs. his or her best known book. As a note, I can’t say I agree with Self’s description of Catch-22. Heller’s most famous book is a bit slow to get started perhaps in regards to its plot, but the […]

1913 Wheatland Hop Riot

IMG_0007, a photo by Errant Ventures on Flickr. On August 3rd 1913 the small community of Wheatland California was transformed from a quiet farming community to the host of the largest uprising of agricultural workers that the state had seen up until that point in history. Under the ostensible leadership of the IWW the riot […]