Blair Mt.

Just some quick references for myself.  A lot of my work for the next three months will be focused on the battle of Blair Mountain. The Battle of Blair Mountain. The Battle of Matewan. Advertisements

Do we need a mall bailout now?

A story from CNN about the danger faced by our malls.  My question: if we lose the malls, will we have anywhere to go in the coming zombie apocalypse? Favorite quote: “One of the biggest consequences [of store and mall closings] is the loss of a sense of community,” Birnbrey said. “I am a big […]


In the effort to provide you, dear reader, with more content, I’m trying out a new method of posting.  This entry is a test of that system.  Aside from that, move along.  Nothing to see.

Making Bail

Why does it feel like this is far too acurate?  I suspect that we’ll be seeing it in future issues of our favorite magazines.

Inherent Vice

I’m probably behind in finding out about this (stupid grad school), but apparently Pynchon has a new book coming out next year called Inherent Vice.  From the description I found here: It’s been awhile since Doc Sportello has seen his ex-girlfriend. Suddenly out of nowhere she shows up with a story about a plot to […]